Parks vs. People: In Guatemala, Communities Take Best Care of the Forest

When Guatemala created a major reserve 30 years ago, environmentalists complained that too much land was entrusted to local people and not converted to parks. Now, the parks have been overrun by ranches linked to drug traffickers, while the community-run lands are well preserved.

By Fred Pearce


The Pandemic Has Taken Cars Off Urban Streets. Will It Last?

With a sharp drop in auto traffic due to the coronavirus, cities around the globe have closed streets to cars and expanded pedestrian thoroughfares and bike lanes. But as life edges back to normal, will these initiatives survive, especially if virus-wary citizens shun mass transit?

By Cheryl Katz

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Floating turbines at the Hywind Scotland project in the North Sea.


Will Floating Turbines Usher in a New Wave of Offshore Wind?

As locations for wind energy fill up onshore and near-shore, companies are deploying floating turbines that can be sited in deep waters, out of view from the coast. Proponents contend the new technology could boost the wind industry, but daunting challenges, including costs, remain.

By Paul Hockenos

The Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus Crisis

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    Connecting the Dots Between Environmental Injustice and the Coronavirus

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    After the Coronavirus, Two Sharply Divergent Paths on Climate

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    Spillover Warning: How We Can Prevent the Next Pandemic

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